It comes as no surprise that reading a book and watching a movie are very different forms of entertainment. 

Watching the same story roll out on the big screen provides a different experience than reading it. Movies allow you to visualize all the elements in front of you, while books spur the reader’s imagination. Not only does reading fuel your imagination, but it also gives you the ability to play out the characters of the story in your mind’s eye. With this distinction, either picking up a good book or watching a movie are both fun in their own way. 

Studies have shown that the perks of reading include: prevention of cognitive decline, increased empathy, and alleviation of depression. On the other side, watching a movie can benefit your social life, from raising awareness and social skills to providing bonding time. 

As you most likely know, movies are accessible online or virtually everywhere, but we also have them here at the library. As for books, well, we have plenty of those too!

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Eric Ames, reporter

Book or movie? Or both?