Meeting Room Policy

The Library makes the meeting room available on equal terms to all persons and groups, regardless of opinion or affiliation. By making a meeting room available as a forum, the library does not sponsor or endorse the views of any group.


  • When not in use by the library, the meeting room can be used by other organizations for a fee.
  • Meeting room space is intended for specific events rather than regularly scheduled meetings (e.g. monthly).  However, we welcome inquiries and will consider accommodation of such meetings if space is available with advance reservation of no more than 60 days.
  • A maximum limit of 4 reservations can be made per individual/organization per month.
  • The fee schedule is listed below and donations are always welcome. Room use fees are paid to “West Bridgewater Public Library” to support programming and the maintenance of the meeting space.

Private or For-Profit Meeting Room Use Fee Schedule

The initial fee for use of the meeting room is $50 per reservation up to a total time of 2 hours. Additional hours can be accommodated for a fee of $25 per additional hour.

Qualifications for Exemptions from Use Fees

Meetings and events which are sponsored by the Library in support of its mission and goals, or are sponsored by agencies of town and regional government groups are exempt from rental fees. In general, there is no charge for non-profit civic, cultural, educational, and community group events that are free and open to the public during the regular operating hours of the library.

Meeting Room Description

The WBPL meeting room measures 24’ long by 20’ wide. Chairs are available for up to 35 people. Included with the room is access to five 6’ by 30” tables, a speaker’s podium, a large wall mounted flat screen television with DVD player and HDMI connection cable for computer connection.

Special Provisions and Guidelines

  • Reservations must be made in advance via the application form for use of the meeting room and equipment and shall not be considered approved without the dated signature of either the Director or Assistant Director on said form. Reservations are not considered valid if a signed completed form is not on file with the Library.
  • An adult sponsor must accompany groups of children under the age of 18 for all room reservations. There must be a minimum of 1 adult sponsor for every 5 minors.
  • Groups are responsible for the cost of replacement or repair of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment, furnishings, and infrastructure of the meeting room.
  • The library provides seating and tables, but meeting room set-up is the responsibility of the applicant.  Groups using the room may arrange the tables and chairs as they choose, providing they do not block or otherwise impede ingress or egress points. All furniture must be returned to their original condition/location prior to use of the room.
  • Items to be displayed cannot be taped or tacked to the walls or moldings.
  • Light refreshments are permitted, but all trash, utensils, or leftover food must be carried out.  No food is allowed outside of the designated room that has been reserved. Rooms should be left clean.
  • No open flame/candles are allowed.
  • Organizations are responsible for bringing their own supplies and utensils if refreshments are served.
  • Intrusion of any group activities into areas not reserved in advance is not allowed.
  • The Library Board and the Town of West Bridgewater or their employees or agents are not liable for any claims arising out of the use of this facility.
  • Groups expecting over 15 attendees should consider carpools.
  • The West Bridgewater Public Library campus is 100% smoke and tobacco free. This includes vaping.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, September 1990. Amended by the Library Board of Trustees, Nov. 13, 1991, Nov. 14, 2001, Nov. 9, 2011, Feb. 14, 2012, & May 15, 2019