Have you ever wondered what makes something extraordinary? Well, look no further, today I will be discussing just that. Only, I won’t be giving any definition; instead, I will describe my observations of what makes the West Bridgewater Public Library the crown of libraries. 

About a year ago, I entered the Library intending to get a book for my summer reading, I succeeded. Along the way, however,  I found board games! After checking out my book, I walk back for a closer look. My eyes saw games ranging from chutes and ladders to card games and checkers. In fact, the designated children’s section of our library has so much more including storytime and occasional baby chicks, and even bunnies to enjoy! So what else does the library offer? Why should you come here?

The WBPL has a few more tricks up their sleeve.  We have a passport service where you can fill out a form to get your passport, we have ancestry.com, the library also has organized events, such as an outdoor stargazing which turnout out to be so cool that everyone’s night was filled with oooh’s, and ahhh’s! There are many more wonderful ongoing events at the library. To top it all off, you will meet a compassionate team working behind the curtain to make your trip, in your definition, extraordinary.

Eric Ames

The library serves in many ways