Be More Chill by [Ned Vizzini]Be More Chill
by Ned Vizzini
YAF/Science Fiction 

The novel Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini is about Jeremy Heere, a typical teenage boy who faces the ups and downs of high school like a normal kid would. Unfortunately for Jeremy, popularity and the social scene always works against him, but as the story evolves, Jeremy finds a “squip”- a piece of technology that speaks in his head- which helps him transform into a “cooler” person. While the squip may seem like a positive force at first, Jeremy soon realizes that it is completely changing him and discovers that the best version of himself is who he truly is. 

I found this book enjoyable. The concept of this book is unlike anything I have encountered. I think the moral of the story – being your authentic self – as cliché as it is, is important, especially for younger kids and adolescents who are in search of who they are, as obstacles such as social media and high school set a stage of competition among everyone. With this knowledge in mind, I give this book a thumbs up.

– Eric Ames

Be More Chill book review