Starting a new year is always a good time to refresh or set new goals. If you are a reader and hope to read more, now is your chance. Below are a few practical goal ideas for you to apply. 

Reading more:

The best way to read more is by setting a numerical goal- within reason. For example, let’s say you read 15 books this year, then maybe you want to read 20 books next year. It’s essential not to give yourself a huge gap in books read from the year before to the next; otherwise, you may be biting off more than you can chew. Having a vision gives yourself direction. If you don’t have a clear destination, how do you know if you will ever get there?

Diversify genres:

Reading a lot of books is important; along the way, reading diverse genres will make the process more enjoyable and, more importantly, broaden your horizon. While it is fun to stick to what you know and like, how would you know if you like a new genres if you never try them? 

Spend more time reading:

Most people aim to read more books, but it doesn’t always matter how many books you read, so long as you simply dedicate time to reading. Wanting to read more books is a good way to spend more time reading, some people read quickly. However, there is nothing wrong with those who read slower, as it lets you immerse yourself more fully into the author’s work and gives you more time to contemplate the ideas the author is presenting. 

This year, set your reading goals. READ. READ. READ. Don’t stop reading if only for a new book. Good Luck!

– Eric Ames, Reporter

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