In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to emphasize being thankful. So today, I would like to do something unique; I want to step away from the joy reading gives me and focus on a few objective benefits reading provides – specifically, the benefits I see in my everyday life.

Your vocabulary expands

When I read, I always pick up on new words- some of which I can guess based on the context and some words need to be defined. Regardless, seeing new words used in contexts can help you understand those words. A benefit from having a robust vocabulary can improve understanding in all forms of conversation – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Who doesn’t want that?  

Stress reducer 

Reading makes me feel calm. It is important to step away from our present situations, to take a breath of fresh air. By taking my mind to a world beyond my own, I feel as though reading keeps me grounded. Having a chance to step away from my fast-paced life, made complex through stressors and problems, shows me that outlets are not just important but essential – and that’s exactly what reading grants you.

Improves ability to empathize 

It is no surprise that spending time in the mind of the characters we read about heightens our ability to sense and understand the emotions of the people around us. This ability is termed “Theory of Mind,” which helps us navigate and build our social relations. 

These are just a few benefits reading can yield, and for that, I am thankful. So, this Thanksgiving, treat yourself and go to the West Bridgewater Public Library, for there is much to be thankful for when you read. 

-Eric Ames, Reporter


Thankful for Reading