The Library is a Great Resource for Students

As pandemic restrictions dissipate and as summer comes to a close, this can only mean one thing: kids are going back to school.

Of course, to do well in school, you need to have the resources: a computer, a printer, material to study, etc etc. There is no need to fear because the West Bridgewater Public Library is here! Need a device to type your essays? The library has computers. Need a place to print them? The library has printers. In fact, the Library has much more than these basics necessities. For instance, if you need a pointer in English class, there is material you can check out to help you excel. Even the daunting, annual summer reading can be solved by going to the library and checking out the book. During all this time utilizing the resources here, when you stop and take a rejuvenating breath of fresh air and focus on your surroundings, you will notice the serene, quiet environment.

So please, students of all ages, know the library is here for you.

Eric Ames, reporter

The library is a resource for students