WB Green Team calculates tree value to environment

Reporter: Eric Ames

The West Bridgewater Public Library on Howard Street is far more than your average library. Many local patrons come here because they expect we have everything a library should- a serene and intellectual environment. What most of the public does not know, however, is that this library has an environmental awareness group within.

The G.R.E.E.N. team (as we have come to be known) acknowledges our environment – and by extension, educates the public. What does this look like, may you ask? For one, the G.R.E.E.N team has set up a video contest focusing on what it means to be environmentally conscious. On top of that, we have gone to War Memorial Park and calculated just how much carbon some significant trees could absorb. The largest 15 trees in the park can absorb a total of 17618 pounds of carbon per year! Simply put, that is reversing the environmental hazard of 16,511 showers per year; or replacing two cars worth of toxic missions per year! The benefits of breathing in cleaner air are truly tree-mendous! For starters, breathing cleaner air reduces asthma, cardiovascular diseases, cancer; ultimately, making you live longer and healthier. Who does not want that? 

The next time you are at the library, stop by! We have much more than just books.

Eric Ames, reporter

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